To the Herald Whig,

In June I wrote a column of how HB (House Bill) 1711 would negatively impact a families choice of where to purchase a pet,

The Dog Patch in Naperville, Ill., has been regarded as the ideal for the Humane Society of the United States "Humane Pet Store" model, where only shelter animals are sold instead of puppies from professional breeders. The Dog Patch announced they are closing at the end of August as they cannot meet expenses. They have a group that does fundraising for them. This store has had two outbreaks of parvo virus which resulted in requests for emergency funding for vet care costs.

If HB1711 becomes law, Illinois families will have few options locally for a purebred of their choice and will have to resort to uncertainties of the internet or travel great distances to find a preservation breeder. Please ask Gov. Pritzker to veto HB 1711 and preserve the right for Illinois families to choose where to get their next pet.

Jan Liesen


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