In her Nov. 16 column, Star Parker came out against executive orders in principle and the student loan forgiveness plan specifically. She concluded both were bad. President Trump had the most executive orders in a single term since Carter. Did Miss Parker oppose those? GOP opposition to the student loan forgiveness program tells us that they are opposed to a plan that helps the poor and middle class and helps minorities. We also learn that the GOP would rather money go to the large banks that benefit by rules that deter refinancing of college loans. The GOP and Miss Parker prefer that money go to the large banks instead of being spent in local retail to better use income within the community.

I know several that have paid their loans several times over — paid their debt — but banks didn’t allow refinancing to lower rates when rates were low. So these people that have paid their debts must keep paying large banks. Money that would be better spent in retail establishments throughout Quincy and America. I am not sure what Star Parker is so proud of. Star Parker’s bio shows no education in finance or law. It shows.

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