To The Herald-Whig:

An open letter to Missouri U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley: Have you no shame, Josh Hawley? Have you no decency?

Do you really believe that it is better to lie to people, to encourage their misunderstandings, and to try to raise money off of it? Do you really believe that you best represented yourself, let alone Missouri, by raising your fist and giving a thumbs-up to the domestic terrorists who were breaking into the Capitol Building? Is this the way you want to be remembered? As a liar? As an inciter? As someone who did NOT uphold the oath he took to defend the Constitution and to do the best for our country? As someone who is only in it for himself and who will do anything at any cost to promote himself and his ambition?

Like Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens did after his problems became known, you should resign in disgrace and hope that some college will let you go back to teaching law. You do not deserve to be an elected official. You do not deserve people’s respect. You do not deserve to be addressed as “The Honorable.” You have shown your true colors and you are not what the people of Missouri deserve.

Jane Ralls

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