To The Herald-Whig: 

Freedoms, Rights, Choice (Masks/Vaccines): I would hope everyone knew the difference, but I've heard differently. Speaking mainly to those who don't, I submit that nobody has the right to have a negative impact on another's health and well-being. Nobody has the right to have a virus change into a more deadly form within their body. Nobody has the right to contribute to another lockdown of our economy.

That being said you should be reminded that our freedoms, rights, and our ability to choose was hard earned by many Americans who sacrificed far more than getting a vaccine in the arm or wearing a mask. Personally, I hate wearing a mask (but I do.) Personally, I hated getting a vaccine (but I did.) Why, because I care more about my kids, my family, my friends, and my fellow men and women, and because more people have given way more than getting a vax or wearing a mask for my freedoms, my rights, and my choice. It's their sacrifices that made all of this possible, and to do anything less than to get vaccinated and wearing a mask, would dishonor their courage and commitment to doing the right thing. So for those individuals who proclaim their rights, freedoms, and choices … get some courage, show some guts, but most of all, do the right thing so we can truly continue with our freedoms, rights, and choices. Vax and mask is the right thing to do.

Jeffrey Gragg


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