Party means little in moving forward

CORRECTION: This letter was accidentally run under an incorrect name in the 3/25 edition of the Herald Whig. It is rerunning now with the correct affiliation.

To The Herald Whig:

I have proudly served on the City Council for 12 years, working with Democratic and Republican mayors and aldermen/women. I have sat on numerous committees and boards in which constituents and fellow appointees have voiced their opinions, and sometimes displeasures, on the actions of our elected officials. I supported Mayor Spring and his push for the Kroc Center and Health Department to be a downtown fixture and been a very strong supporter of Mayor Moore and his progressive views of the District, riverfront, and 7th ward overall.

When it comes to my hometown, party does not play much of a factor in what I support. If it is good for EVERYONE in Quincy, I am 100% on board. In the years ahead, Quincy faces many challenges and changes to keep us relevant in our tri-state area. Financial and personal security, innovation, and a standard quality of life for all residents are issues I believe all of us share a responsibility for and are issues we must solve to move Quincy forward.

Nora Baldner shares these views. That is why my wife and I are supporting her in her bid to become Quincy's next mayor. When we listen to Nora give her detailed plan for our town, it is not her reciting her personal resume and accomplishments like her opponent. When Nora speaks about her plan, it has the words "us", "together", "all" and "inclusive" to build a better Quincy. Let's do this together, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Quincians. We highly recommend voting for Nora Baldner on April 6.

Jack Holtschlag


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