Troup the 'answer man'

I would like to recommend Mike Troup for Mayor of Quincy. There are many issues that the next Mayor will have to deal with that will require a person with an analytical mind and good judgment, as well as honesty and integrity. Mike Troup has the qualities. Mike loves Quincy and is a tireless cheerleader for businesses in Quincy, large or small. I call Mike the "answer man" because he is bright, intelligent, articulate, and has a firm grasp of the administrative responsibilities that come with being Mayor. Mike's business successes are a plus for Quincy, and will enable Quincy to capture new businesses, employ more people, and bring prosperity to the Gem City residents. I've worked with Mike on several committees at our church and have found him to be a deeply spiritual man, who seeks God's guidance for his life and the life of his family. Don't let this opportunity pass you by Quincy. He is the right person for the job. Elect Mike Troup as the next Mayor of Quincy. You will be glad you did!

Bruce Rice


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