Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:06 p.m. Dec. 7, 5:27 a.m. Dec. 8, 5:09 p.m. Dec. 8, 4:54 a.m. Dec. 9, 5:17 p.m. Dec. 9, 5:10 a.m. Dec. 10, 4:53 p.m. Dec. 10, 5:11 a.m. Dec. 11, 5:37 p.m. Dec. 11, 5:08 a.m. Dec. 12, 5:20 p.m. Dec. 12, 5:03 a.m. Dec. 13, 5:29 p.m. Dec. 13 and 5:03 a.m. Dec. 14.

20-26935 Arrest Wesley A Campen, 29, 721 S. 15th, for domestic battery that occurred on 11/20/20. Lodged.

20-26442 Burglary On 11/13/20, Timothy Cannon, 830 Washington, reported a burglary to a shed on the property and a blue air compressor was stolen. No suspects. Report.

20-24990 Burglary to Motor Vehicle On 10/27/20, Darren Smith reported his 1995 Chevrolet Suburban was burglarized overnight as it was parked on the 1500 block of Kentucky. No Suspects. Report.

20-25752 Fraud On 11/5/20, First Bankers Trust reported receiving several counterfeit bills over the last month. Unknown suspects. Report.

20-26208 Hit-and-Run On 11/10/20, Gage Huber reported that his tan 2007 Chevrolet 1500 truck was hit and run as it was parked on South 10th, Kentucky to State. No suspects. Report.

20-27757 Theft over $500 On 12/2/20, Frank Murphy-Giesing reported a catalytic converter was cut off a van owned by Walter Louis Fluid Technologies at 530 S. Fifth. No suspects have been identified. Report.

20-28158 Arrest Teresa L. Harbison, 62, Quincy, for failure to reduce speed. PTC.

20-27842 Aggravated Discharge of Firearm On 12/3/20 at 1459 hours, officers were dispatched to the area of North Fifth and Cherry on the report of shots fired. Investigation to continue. Report.

20-27228 Arrest/OV Talyn B. Fesler, 36, was arrested for trespassing. NTA.

20-28204 Arrest/Lodged Maria M. Izquierdo, 42, Quincy, for FTA-DUI out of McLean County.

20-26425 Theft over $500 On 11/13/20, Gerald Perrin, 1856 Locust, reported that his wallet and U.S. currency were stolen from his residence. No suspects. Report.

20-26133 Theft under $500 On 11/9/20, Emily Thompson, manager of Famous Footwear, 3323 Broadway, reported that a man stole a pair of Puma shoes from the store. The suspect has not been identified. Report.

20-28250 Arrest Aaliyah B. Cook, 25, 426 N. Seventh, for driving while license suspended. NTA.

20-28243 Arrest Joshua D. Chaplin, 35, 935 1/2 N. Fourth, for FTA-uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

20-28240 Arrest/Lodged Raquan M. Taylor, 24, 608 Cedar, for Illinois Department of Corrections parole violation warrant, possession of firearm by a felon and possession of firearm by a gang member.

20-28242 Arrest/Lodged Devin J. Milsap, 32, 935 1/2 N. Fourth, for Adams County FTA-forged credit card, possession of methamphetamine and criminal trespass.

20-27217 Arrest/Lodged Nicholas R. Conrad, 42, 1128 1/2 State, for forgery on 11/24/20 at 3349 Quincy Mall.

20-28205 Arrest/Lodged Phillip C. Mayfield, 32, 400 1/2 S. 16th, on a warrant for unlawful discharge of a firearm and a new charge of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.

20-28207 Arrest/Lodged Malcolm K. Thomas, 32, Quincy, for two warrants for criminal sexual abuse and for sexual assault.

20-25806 Burglary to Vehicle Kevin Koenig, 67, Mendon, reported his 2007 Lincoln MKZ was entered between 11/1 and 11/2/20 while parked at 2021 Broadway. Loose change and hand sanitizer were stolen.

20-27699 Arrest Phillip Cobb, 20, 1524 S. Fifth, for theft under $500. NTA.

20-28272 Arrest Gerald E. Walker, 52, 1707 Curtis Creek, for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident at 36th and Maine. NTA.

20-28255 Arrest Kordell N. Tucker, 23, 1912 Adams, for FTA-criminal trespass to land at 1912 Adams. Lodged.

20-28196 Arrest Ronald Biondi, 51, 25008 Harvest Road, Bevier, Mo., for shoplifting at 5100 Broadway. NTA.

20-28304 Arrest Michael A.G. Gaias, 26, 1329 N. Sixth, for speeding. PTC.

20-28280 Arrest/Lodged Leshon A. Wrencher, 27, Quincy, arrested for a warrant for escape, aggravated battery, domestic battery and resisting a peace officer. He also was arrested for a new charge of resisting a police officer at 224 N. 36th.

20-28293 Arrest/Traffic Randolph L. Mallory, 29, Quincy, citations for driving while license suspended and operate uninsured vehicle at Seventh and Maine. NTA.

20-28314 Arrest/Lodged Bryar D. Baker, 29, 633 N. Fourth, for domestic battery and FTA-operate vehicle with suspended registration. Lodged.

20-28316 Arrest/Lodged Cassandra L. Craft, 30, 1430 Hampshire, Apt. C, for domestic battery, resisting a peace officer and aggravated battery to a peace officer. Lodged.

20-28310 Arrest/Lodged Tiffany R. Browning, 37, Quincy, for FTA-bad checks. Lodged.

20-25562 Theft James E. Hotchkiss, 54, Quincy, reports the theft of prescription medication from 200 Maine.

20-28398 Arrest Charles J. Squier,38, Springfield, for criminal damage to property at 501 Broadway on 12/11/20. Lodged.

20-28395 Arrest Isaiah Z. Meeks, 18, Quincy, for fighting at North Fourth and Chestnut on 12/10/20. NTA.

20-27390 Arrest Julian F. Boone, 71, Quincy, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and operation of uninsured motor vehicle on 11/26/20 at Eighth and Broadway. NTA.

Joshua J. Castle, 22, Quincy, for driving while license suspended, operation of uninsured motor vehicle and no valid registration on 11/26/20 at Eighth and Broadway. NTA.

20-28377 Arrest Cortayvias C. Haynes, 18, Quincy, for armed violence at North 12th and Koch’s Lane on 12/10/20. Lodged.

20-28359 Arrest Nathaniel L. McPike, 40, Quincy, for possession of firearm by a felon, defacing identification of firearm, delivery of methamphetamine between 5 and 15 grams and armed violence on 12/10/20 at 1241 1/2 Vermont. Lodged.

20-28376 Arrest Kevin C. Roth, 31, Quincy, for pedestrian use of the roadway at North Third and Elm on 12/10/20. PTC.

20-24816 Arrest Whitney M. Mock, 35, Quincy, for driving while license revoked on 10/24/20. NTA.

20-25918 Hit-and-Run Jack Canavan, 81, Quincy, reports that his 2011 Chevrolet was hit and run while parked at 2707 Elm on 11/6/20.

20-28304 Traffic Arrest Michael G. Gaias, 26, Quincy, for speeding at 12th and Broadway on 12/9/20. PTC.

20-28370 Warrant Arrest Gordon Rees, 42, Quincy, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine, FTA-domestic battery, FTA-status. Lodged.

20-28224 Arrest Delaney A. Lantz, 20, Augusta, for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident at Broadway and Interstate 172. PTC.

20-28415 Arrest Holly N. Barnett, 39, homeless, for FTA-driver’s license expired, FTA-no insurance and FTA-disregard traffic control device at 300 Gardner Expressway. NTA.

20-28420 Arrest William N. Henson, 38, 627 Lind, for Pike County warrant FTA-burglary. Lodged.

20-28412 Arrest Walter W. Roberts, 76, homeless, for Adams County warrant criminal trespass to land at 401 S. Front. Lodged.

20-28404 Arrest Gary L. Myers, 20, 300 Cedar, for aggravated battery at 221 Locust. Lodged.

20-26363 Arrest Mark A. Smith, 37, 324 Lind, for shoplifting at 1828 Broadway. NTA.

20-28278 Arrest/Lodged Gary L. Myers III, 20, was arrested for domestic battery from an incident on 12/9/20 and a second arrest for domestic battery and aggravated domestic battery from an incident on 12/11/20. Lodged.

20-28397 Arrest/OV Gary L. Myers III, 20, was arrested on an OV warrant for FTA-interfering. Lodged.

20-25684 Burglary Kyle MacArthur, 2641 Lind, reports his garage was entered on 11/4/20 and a RIGID bag containing an impact drill, circular saw, 4-inch grinder and four batteries were taken.

20-27308 Burglary James Warning reported that his tablet was stolen out of his girlfriend’s 2019 Jeep while at Berrian Park on 11/25/20.

20-25432 Burglary Darcy Griffin reported her 2018 Dodge entered, and a lap top was stolen.

20-25962 Burglary to Vehicle On 11/1/20, three vehicles were entered while parked at 1435 State. Airpods were taken from one vehicle.

20-22355 Criminal Damage Austin L. Demoss, 1014 N. 24th, reports the catalytic converter was cut off his vehicle on 9/23.

20-28189 Criminal Damage James Rupert reported his 2000 Chevrolet had the tires slashed and was egged on 12/7/20.

20-28125 Hit-and-Run Tyler Robinson reported his 2002 Chrysler was struck by another vehicle while he was 36th and Broadway. The driver of the other vehicle did not stop.

20-28453 Arrest James Terwelp, 79, 3920 S. 12th, for improper backing on 12/11/20. PTC.

20-26198 Burglary Dennis Boudreau, 2802 Broadway, reports his vehicle was entered on 11/1/20 while parked on the lot. A jacket and two sets of headphones were taken.

20-26412 Burglary Phillip Cobb, Quincy, reports his business at 1217 Locust was entered by breaking out a window on 11/13/20. Two older shotguns, a .22-caliber rifle and BB gun were stolen.

20-26564 Drive Off Employee of Jiff Stop, 2401 State, reports a silver vehicle drove off without paying for $21.47 in gas.

20-26213 Fraud Lonnie Dunn and his wife, Donna, Quincy, report someone used their names to file for unemployment benefits.

20-26103 Retail Theft Robert Craddock of Shoe Carnival reports a white male with red hair ran out the emergency exit of the store with three pairs of shoes on 11/9/20.

20-21906 Theft under $500 Linda Dopheide, 424 Hickory Pointe, reports that her purse went missing from her residence on 9/17/20.

20-28496 Arrest Teresa L. Paszkiet, 48, Liberty, for disobey a stop-light on 12/12/20 at Fourth and Broadway. PTC.

20-28495 Arrest Spencer A. Wombles, 26, 823 S. 10th, for DUI, driving while license revoked and possession of a controlled substance on 12/12/20. Lodged.

20-28445 Arrest Christy M. Hendricks, 48, Versailles, for shoplifting at 5211 Broadway on 12/11/20. NTA.

20-28462 Arrest Jeffrey Borovay, 40, Quincy, for no windshield and no valid registration.

20-26365 Arrest Mark A. Smith, 37, 324 Lind, for driving while license revoked on 11/12/20.

20-28488 Arrest Janet Butler 76, Pittsfield, for disobeying traffic control device.

20-28284 Arrest Donald Houghton, 57, Loraine, for stealing at Walmart.

20-28478 Arrest Omar Y. Lopez, 51, Missouri, for driving while revoked and electronic communications device.

20-26635 Theft under $500 Aaron Irvin, 1520 Maple, reports a package was stolen from his front porch on 11/8/20.

20-28574 Arrest Cullen A. Smith, 25, 2545 Oak, for speeding in the 3000 block of Maine on 12/13/20. PTC.

20-28522 Arrest/Lodged Earnest G. Clow, 39, 1030 Jersey, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine.

20-26234 Burg to Vehicle Rebecca Mock reported her silver 2011 Chevrolet was entered and items stolen on 11/10/20 while parked at 1025 Maine.

20-25702 Burglary to Vehicle Nicolas Fasnacht reported his maroon 2008 Chevrolet was entered and items stolen on 11/4/20 while parked in the 200 block of North Sixth.

20-25705 Burglary to Vehicle Shawna Freeman reported her black 2017 Jeep was entered and items stolen on 11/4/20 while parked at 635 Broadway.

20-25698 Burglary to Vehicle Lisa Leindecker reported her 2002 grey Mercury was entered on 11/4/20 while parked at 822 Maine. Suspect was wearing blue jeans and a black hoodie. Investigation to continue.

20-26246 Criminal Damage to Vehicle Jerid Lee reported his black 1999 Dodge had a brick thrown through the front passenger window on 11/11/20 in the 700 block of South 13th.

20-26828 Fire Investigation Officers responded to a fire at 1328 N. 12th on 11/18/20. It appears a cigarette caused the fire.

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