Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:09 p.m. Nov. 30, 4:39 a.m. Dec. 1, 5:04 p.m. Dec. 1, 5:19 a.m. Dec. 2, 5:17 p.m. Dec. 2, 5:20 a.m. Dec. 3, 4:50 p.m. Dec. 3, 5:16 a.m. Dec. 4, 4:57 p.m. Dec. 4, 4:57 a.m. Dec. 5, 5:06 p.m. Dec. 5, 5:14 a.m. Dec. 6, 4:53 p.m. Dec. 6 and 5:06 a.m. Dec. 7.

20-27619 Arrest Randolph L. Mallory, 29, 309 N. Ninth, for vandalism at 309 N. Ninth. NTA.

20-27610 Traffic Arrest Patricia Cook, 81, 83 E. 1900th, Plainville, for improper lane usage at 1127 S. 16th. PTC.

20-27652 Arrest Tiffany J. Aubuchon, 39, Quincy, for improper left turn/oncoming traffic. NTA.

20-27667 Arrest Lee Fortney, 18, 2057 Lind, for FTA-truancy. NTA.

20-27651 Arrest De'an Humphrey, 18, 511 N. Seventh, for improper traffic lane usage and operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

20-27641 Arrest/Lodged Jacob L. Vahle, 29, Hannibal, Mo., arrested for retail theft and aggravated battery at 5100 Broadway, GameMasters. Lodged.

20-27598 Arrest/Traffic Jamie L. Wright, 28, Quincy, citation for driving while license suspended at South 11th and Washington. NTA.

20-27657 Arrest/Lodged Timothy B. Watkins, 40, 8220 Columbus Road, for FTA-driving while license revoked and operating an uninsured vehicle. Lodged.

20-25161 Burglary to Vehicle On 10/28/20 Vernon Zinn, 68, Quincy, reported his vehicle was burglarized.

20-22607 Hit-and-Run Bradley J.J. Moulton, 30, Quincy, reports his 2007 Nissan was struck at Third and Broadway. The other vehicle drove off.

20-25987 Theft over $500 Georgia S. Davis, 69, reported her cellphone was stolen while she was at Lucky J's, 520 S. Ninth.

20-25916 Theft under $500 Amber N. Pryor, 34, 1600 State, reported her bicycle was stolen from the Z-wash at 1203 Harrison.

20-27701 Arrest Alexandria M. Clifton, 24, homeless, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine at 530 Broadway. NTA.

20-25872 Burglary Junior Smith reported that his 2001 Chevrolet was entered, and his wallet was stolen on 11/5/20.

20-25256 Burglary Chris Hillenbrenner reported his 2010 Kia was entered, and money and paperwork were stolen on 10/30/20.

20-25573 Criminal Damage Jesse Buch reported that the rear windshield of his 2009 Buick was broken on 11/3/20.

20-24943 Hit-and-Run Paul Horter reported that while driving at Third and Broadway his vehicle was struck by another vehicle. The vehicle did not stop.

20-27702 Traffic Arrest Sandra Koontz, 60, 1852 E. 603rd Lane, for failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash at 421 N. 36th. PTC.

20-27324 Traffic Arrest Chad Burkett, 43, 1008 Jersey, Apt. A, for driving under the influence and improper traffic lane usage at 18th and York on 11/25/20. NTA.

20-27617 Arrest Cecil C. Williams, 23, and Arleen D. Williams, 24, of 300 Cedar, Apt. 17, for peace disturbance. NTA.

20-27120 Arrest Amy L. Coyle, 52, 18 Wind Hill Court, O'Fallon, Mo., for driving under the influence and improper lane usage. NTA.

20-26920 Arrest Michelle E. Ginster, 24, 413 S. 10th, for driving under the influence. NTA.

20-26468 Arrest Zachary L. Humphrey, 32, Quincy, for criminal damage to property less than $500. NTA.

20-27684 Arrest Amanda M. Blackwood, 25, Lewistown, Mo., for operating an uninsured vehicle. PTC.

20-26539 Arrest Frank J. Keeler, 36, 2047 Broadway, for criminal trespass to state property. NTA.

20-26089 Arrest Devon K. Hawkins, 26, 327 S. State, Mendon, for possession of stolen vehicle and no valid driver’s license. NTA.

20-27716 Arrest Xavier H. Clark, 18, Quincy, for FTA-truancy, cannabis and fleeing. NTA.

20-27733 Arrest/Lodged Ricky A. Watson, 32, 1635 Payson Ave., for FTA-obstructing justice, operating uninsured, possession of methamphetamine x2, driving while license suspended x2. Lodged.

20-23970 Arrest/Lodged Michael D. Horn, 41, for burglary. Lodged.

20-24820 Burglary to Vehicle Orville Jones, 62, Quincy, reported his vehicle was burglarized in the 800 block of North Eighth.

20-26644 Arrest Kathy A. Claire, 58, 636 Washington, for shoplifting at 115 N. Fourth. NTA.

20-15767 Burglary Kara Moon reported her 2014 Ford entered and cash, CDs and a work ID stolen on 11/3/20.

20-24858 Criminal Damage Scott Edlin, Quincy, reports that his truck was keyed sometime between 10/16 and 10/22/20 somewhere in Quincy.

20-27573 Theft Jason Beckman reported a purple/pink girls Huffy bicycle stolen from his driveway on 11/29/20.

20-25816 Aggravated Battery Jack Blanke, 36, was shot with a paintball gun in the 1000 block of North Fifth on 11/5/20 at approximately 2123 hours. Suspect was in a dark colored car with tinted windows.

20-27822 Arrest Laynard Alfons, 31, 511 Willow Drive, for domestic battery. Lodged.

20-27795 Arrest Nicholas Conrad, 42, 1128 State, for FTA-aggravated domestic battery. Lodged.

20-27823 Arrest Andrew J. Roberts, 32, 419 Hampshire, for FTA-driving on suspended license. NTA.

20-27811 Arrest Norman Blackledge, 49, Quincy, for FTA-failure to keep record of catch. NTA.

20-24984 Burglary to Vehicle Alexis Tatum, 19, reported her 2007 Mercury was entered between 2330 10/26/20 and 0230 10/27/20 while parked in the parking lot at 1025 Maine. Multiple items stolen.

20-25731 Burglary to Vehicle Louella Johnson, 76, reported her 2013 Hyundai was entered and rummaged through. However, nothing was taken. This occurred between 11/4/20 at 1930 and 11/5/20 at 0410 hours.

20-25801 Burglary to Vehicle Michael Sharpe, 53, reported his 2015 GMC was entered and multiple items were stolen on 11/5/20 between 1715-1820 hours.

20-25832 Residential Burglary Donald Tournear, 36, reported someone entered his residence between 1315-2330 hours on 11/5/20 and stole his Playstation 4 Pro and controller. Evidence was collected from the scene. Investigation to continue.

20-24965 Theft under $500 Michelle Manlove, 33, reported her wallet and contents were stolen on 10/26/20. Manlove had given an unknown subject a ride to South Fifth and Oak and believes he stole it.

20-27697 Arrest Pamela Chilton, 67, Quincy, for improper lane usage.

20-27761 Arrest Joshua T. West, 27, of Missouri for failure to reduce speed.

20-27750 Arrest Andrea J. Elston, 39, Quincy, for failure to reduce speed.

20-25652 Burglary to Vehicle Amy Smith, 2519 Cedar, reports her vehicle was entered between 11/3 and 11/4/20 while parked at the residence. Two bags and eyeglasses were taken.

20-27838 Arrest Nicholas R. Conrad, 42, 1128 State, for theft over $500. Lodged.

20-27196 Arrest Brittany D. Turvin, 31, Mount Sterling, for driving while license suspended and obstructing identification. NTA.

20-27545 Residential Burglary Carmen Clay, 54, and Katrina Bigley, 36, reported their apartment entered through breaking a window on 11/28/20. Several items were taken. Investigation to continue.

20-27470 Retail Theft Kaleb Gille, Hy-Vee, 1400 Harrison, reported a white male and Black male left the business with several containers of alcohol without paying for them. Investigation to continue.

20-27900 Arrest/Lodged Paulla L. Meyer, 37, West Point, FTA-trespassing, FTA-operating uninsured, petition to revoke, retail theft, driving while license suspended, no valid registration and operating uninsured at North Eighth and Hampshire. NTA and lodged.

20-27888 Arrest/Traffic Adrienne H. Friedhoff, 30, 4011 Halfpap Lane, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at South 36th and State. PTC.

20-25571 Arrest/Traffic Olivia A. Atkinson, 27, Pittsfield, operating uninsured, driving while license suspended and improper use of registration at North Sixth and Broadway. NTA.

20-27657 Arrest Timothy B. Watkins, 40, Quincy, arrested for possession of methamphetamine at North Fourth and Oak. NTA.

20-27947 Arrest Kevin D. Griffith, 50, Quincy, arrested for FTA-driving while license revoked x4, FTA-possession of methamphetamine, FTA-leaving the scene, failure to yield and driving while license revoked, FTA-resisting and FTA-operate uninsured vehicle at North Fifth and Chestnut. Lodged.

20-27897 Arrest Vanessa R. Ozbelent, 34, Quincy, arrested for FTA-fighting at 511 1/2 N. 15th. NTA.

20-26748 Arrest Jerrod A. Cox, 34, Quincy, arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, operate uninsured vehicle and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 2600 N. 24th.

20-27062 Arrest Heather N. Williams, 33, Fowler, arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and improper lane usage at 3403 State. NTA.

20-26364 Arrest Kerri A. Hudson, 47, Troy, Mo., retail theft at 5211 Broadway on 11/12/20.

20-27954 Arrest/Lodged Melissa R. Longcor, 48, Quincy, arrested for FTA-retail theft at 1713 Stull. Lodged.

20-27967 Arrest/Traffic Jeayna Z. Crider, 22, 733 Lind, driving while license suspended at North Eighth and Broadway. NTA.

20-25597 Arrest/Traffic Coriann L. Lyssy, 38, 5101 Eagle Pine Drive, driving while license suspended, improper backing and no insurance at 4440 Broadway. NTA.

20-27900 Arrest/Traffic Paul R. Harder, 64, 1413 N. Raynor Ave., disregard traffic control light at North Eighth and Hampshire. PTC.

20-25944 Hit-and-Run Lonnie G. Allison, 64, 3412 Lawrence Road, reports on 11/6/20 his 2007 Chevrolet was struck while parked at his residence.

20-26039 Residential Burglary Kaylee M. Wittler, 22, 200 Maine, Apt. 203, reports her wallet being taken on 11/8/20 from her room. U.S. currency and bank cards missing.

20-28018 Arrest Tonai C. Woodson, 23; Abbigail L. Willing, 24; and Suatara White, 26; all of Quincy, for aggravated battery in a public place at 1723 Broadway on 12/6/20. Lodged.

20-27987 Arrest Earl D. Campbell, 30, Quincy, for violation of order of protection at 1209 N. Fifth on 12/5/20. Lodged.

20-27982 Arrest Taylor J.M. Freeman, 25, Coatsburg, for FTA-retail theft x2, FTA-shoplifting, an original arrest warrant for retail theft and a new charge for retail theft at 5211 Broadway on 12/5/20.

20-27982 Arrest/Lodged Taylor Freeman, 25, 201 Columbus, Coatsburg, on warrants for petition to revoke supervision, FTA-retail theft x2, a city OV for FTA-shoplifting and a new charge of retail theft at 5211 Broadway. Lodged.

20-25440 Burglary to Motor Vehicle Brandon Miller,38, Quincy, reports his 2006 Toyota was burglarized between 10/31 and 11/1/20 while parked at 1039 Vermont. Numerous items were taken.

20-27945 Traffic Arrest Julia M. Fisher, 46, Quincy, for failure to yield the right of way at South 24th and Harrison on 12/4/20.

20-28005 Warrant Arrest Freeman S. Coley, 27, Quincy, for FTA-methamphetamine. Lodged.

20-28011 Warrant Arrest James Weaver, 43, Quincy, for FTA-violation of sex offender registration. Lodged.

20-27998 Warrant Arrest Claude Dean Jr.,31, Quincy, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine x3, FTA-domestic battery, FTA-resisting, FTA-driving while license suspended. Lodged.

20-28017 Arrest Alyssa A. Osborne, 19, Quincy, arrested for FTA-driving while license suspended at 1723 Broadway. NTA.

20-28069 Arrest Shaquila Washington, 27, Quincy, arrested for FTA-parking in no parking zone and FTA-expired registration and child restraint violation at 1716 Locust. NTA.

20-28040 Arrest Tyshaia T. Smith, 19, Quincy, arrested for FTA-truancy and fireworks at 318 Maiden Lane. NTA.

20-28079 Arrest/Lodged Jason R. Strong, 38, Quincy, arrested for domestic battery at 1716 Locust. Lodged.

20-28055 Arrest/Lodged Shiemka J. Wilson, 27, Quincy, arrested for FTA-child endangerment and FTA-operate vehicle with suspended registration, operate uninsured vehicle and driving while license suspended at the Adams County Jail. Lodged.

20-28059 Arrest/Lodged Dakota J. Shedd, 23, Quincy, arrested for FTA-domestic battery at 200 Maine. Lodged.

20-28090 Arrest/Traffic Angela M. Reveal, 33, Griggsville, citations for driving while license revoked and operate uninsured vehicle at North Fifth and Hampshire. NTA.

20-27934 Arrest/Traffic Jordan R. Clark, 24, Quincy, citations for disregard traffic control device and operate uninsured vehicle. NTA.