Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:38 p.m. Feb. 15, 5:02 a.m. Feb. 16, 5:23 p.m. Feb. 16, 4:43 a.m. Feb. 17, 5:06 p.m. Feb. 17, 5:20 a.m. Feb. 18, 4:58 p.m. Feb. 18, 5 a.m. Feb. 19, 5:19 p.m. Feb. 19, 5 a.m. Feb. 20, 5:16 p.m. Feb. 20, 5:16 a.m. Feb. 21, 5:52 p.m. Feb. 21 and 5:11 a.m. Feb. 22.

21-02807 Arrest/NTA Richard E. Bias Jr., 42, was arrested for shoplifting. NTA.

21-03111 Arrest/Traffic William C. Veihl, 56, was arrested for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident. PTC.

21-03111 Arrest/Traffic Melissa Hoffman, 40, was arrested for operating uninsured vehicle. NTA.

21-03114 Arrest/Warrant Melissa S. Hoffman, 40, was arrested on a Marion County, Mo., warrant for FTA-forgery. Cash bond.

21-03118 Violation of Bail Bond Matthew H. Middleton, 31, was arrested for violation of bail bond. Lodged.

21-03141 Arrest Nicholas R Steinkamp, 18, homeless, for peace disturbance on 2/15/21 at 1535 S. Sixth. NTA.

Nathanael L. Kellogg, 18, 537 N. Sixth, for peace disturbance on 2/15/21 at 1535 S. Sixth. NTA.

21-03133 Arrest Austin M. Wester, 23, 818 S. 16th, for driving while license suspended and uninsured motor vehicle. NTA. Wester also was arrested for Adams County FTA-driving while license suspended. Lodged.

21-03145 Arrest/Lodged Mario T. Moore, 45, 233 Locust, for possession of methamphetamine, resisting, illegal pedestrian use of the roadway and an Adams County FTA-criminal damage warrant.

21-03123 Arrest/Lodged Tearan P. McAllister, 24, 300 Gardner Expressway, Room 203, for domestic battery on 2/15/21.

21-03134 Arrest/Lodged Desmond D. Byrd, 35, 1435 Jefferson, for FTA-driving while license suspended on 2/15/21.

21-03128 Arrest/Lodged Xavier R. Wells, 21, 437 N. Eighth, for Adams County warrant for criminal trespass x2.

21-02475 Arrest/OV Logan B. Chancellor, 29, was arrested for peace disturbance. NTA.

21-03096 Arrest/Traffic Christian Virden, 25, was arrested for operating uninsured vehicle. NTA.

21-03158 Arrest/Warrant Logan B. Chancellor, 29, was arrested on an OV warrant for FTA-fighting and an Adams County warrant for FTA-failure to wear seat belt, driving while license revoked, operating uninsured vehicle and operating motor vehicle with suspended registration. Lodged.

21-03207 Arrest/Lodged Ranny G. Gholston, 53, Quincy, for aggravated battery. Lodged.

21-02902 DUI Arrest Jeremy M. Jenkins, 24, Quincy, for DUI. NTA.

21-02828 DUI Arrest Bryar J. Wiley, 25, Moncks Corner, S.C., for DUI. NTA.

21-03193 Arrest Robert L. Wofford, 52, homeless, for burglary at 20th and Broadway. Lodged.

21-00699 Theft over $500 Paul D. Rees, 42, 517 Kentucky, reports on 1/11/21 his 2020 Trailerman cargo trailer was stolen from the lot at 605 S. Fifth.

21-03277 Arrest/Lodged Corey R. Decker, 25, 102 1/2 W. State, Payson, for FTA-no insurance, failure to notify, no insurance and driving while suspended. Lodged.

21-02057 Arrest Marie Perez, 60, 2225 N. 12th, Apt. 202, for stealing on 1/29/21. NTA.

21-01075 Burglary Dakota Turnbow reported someone entered her 2010 Honda and stole a bag of change on 1/15/21.

21-02665 Traffic Arrest William Austin, 74, 1505 N. 10th, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 200 Maine. PTC.

Angela Klett, 48, Fort Madison, Iowa, for disobeying traffic control light at Third and Broadway. PTC.

21-03289 Warrant Arrest Tara Smith, 34, 318 Maiden Lane, on a Hancock County warrant for FTA-speeding. Lodged.

21-02958 Arrest Lisa D. Crane, 46, Quincy, arrested for retail theft at 5211 Broadway on 2/12/21. NTA.

20-25987 Arrest Ethan W. Janssen, 27, Quincy, arrested for theft over $500. NTA.

21-03304 Arrest Leonard D. Evatt, 51, 1618 Van Buren, FTA-violation of an order of protection, Hancock County, at 1618 Van Buren. NTA.

21-03330 Arrest/Lodged Connie L. Hiland, 54, Quincy, arrested for FTA-driving while license suspended at North Sixth and Elm. Lodged.

21-03332 Arrest/Lodged Crystal D. Rosser, 38, Quincy, arrested for violation of an order of protection. Lodged.

21-03329 Arrest/Lodged Evan C. Robertson, 31, Quincy, arrested for criminal damage over $500, resisting a peace officer and possession of methamphetamine at 300 Gardner Expressway. Lodged.

21-03290 Traffic Arrest Lacey Longo, 20, 1012 Maine, Apt. 2B, for improper lane usage in the 300 block of South 10th. PTC.

20-28823 Burglary Mark Foutes reported that someone entered his garage and stole power tools and collectibles on 12/17/20.

21-03414 Arrest Takasia D. Knaff, 23, 2600 Northridge Drive, for FTA-canceled/revoked/suspended registration. NTA.

21-03418 Arrest Dakota R. Bennett, 22, 304 Chestnut, for uninsured motor vehicle at North Eighth and Elm on 2/19/21. NTA.

21-03430 Arrest Damon M. Anderson, 26, 635 Payson Ave., for city OV FTA-fighting. Cash.

21-03399 Arrest Anna N. Stiern, 25, homeless, for trespassing at 3809 Broadway, Stoney Creek, on 2/19/21. NTA.

21-03396 Arrest Earel V. Burks, 51, 302 Chestnut, for city FTA-trespassing x2. NTA.

21-02879 Arrest Nancy A. Ebbert, 55, 1814 Cherry, for improper left turn. PTC.

21-03397 Arrest Shaine D. Thomas, 24, 2028 Locust, for city FTA-expired registration. NTA.

21-03423 Arrest/Lodged Peyton C. Clark, 18, 920 Maple, for domestic battery on 2/19/21 at 920 Maple.

21-03415 Arrest/Lodged Anna N. Stiern, 25, Augusta, for possession of methamphetamine and possession of controlled substance at 3737 Broadway on 2/19/21.

21-03360 Arrest/Lodged Anthony M. Raines, 40, 817 N. Eighth, for burglary and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon on 2/19/21.

Taylor J. Freeman, 25, 918 State, for burglary on 2/19/21.

21-03458 Arrest/Lodged Timothy S. Lohmeyer, 33, was arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property. Lodged.

21-03438 Arrest/Lodged Timothy S. Lohmeyer, 33, was arrested for resisting/obstructing a peace officer. Lodged.

21-01533 Arrest/OV Timothy S. Lohmeyer, 33, was arrested for OV-stealing. NTA.

21-03451 Arrest/Traffic Christopher T. Dierker, 33, was arrested for improper lane use and no valid driver's license. NTA.

21-03452 Arrest/Traffic Joshua G. Evans, 41, was arrested for disregarding a stop sign. PTC.

21-03441 Arrest/Warrant Timothy S. Lohmeyer, 33, was arrested on an Adams County warrant for FTA-theft. Lodged.

21-03429 Arrest/Lodged Adam J. Ozbourne, 35, 220 Oak, for FTA-theft. Lodged.

21-03424 Arrest/Lodged Arthur M. Deloatch, 56, 718 Ohio, Apt., 4 for FTA-aggravated battery/use of deadly weapon.

21-03423 Arrest/Lodged Peyton Clark, 18, 920 Maple, for FTA-juvenile matter. Lodged.

21-03481 Arrest/Lodged Shianna S. Reddick, 23, Quincy, for aggravated battery. Lodged.

21-03508 Traffic Arrest Jammie L. Conners, 37, Quincy, for disregard traffic control device. NTA.

21-03517 Arrest/Lodged Scott M. Boeing, 42, was arrested for domestic battery. Lodged.

21-03465 Arrest/Traffic Joni M. Smith, 33, was arrested for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident. PTC.

21-03463 Arrest/Traffic Tamara Powers, 45, was arrested for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident. PTC.

21-00201 Theft over $500 On 1/4/21, Charles Coons, employee of Knapheide Manufacturing, 2224 N. Fifth, reported the theft of three catalytic converters off two vehicles parked in their fenced and locked parking lot. No suspects. Report.

21-03552 Arrest Tiffany R Browning, 37, 4221 Kimstead, for Adams County FTA-bad check. Lodged.

21-03560 Arrest Adam L. Metz, 35, 413 S. Fourth, for FTA-aggravated battery and resisting. Lodged.

21-03549 Arrest Jarod W. Ensley, 25, 1919 S. 12th, for driving while license suspended and expired registration. NTA.

21-03547 Arrest Keith A. Ukso, 30, 506 Grant Drive, for FTA-driving while license suspended. Released on cash band.

21-03191 Arrest/Traffic Rachel M. Hartley, 34, 710 Van Buren, for leaving the scene, failure to reduce speed and uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

21-03493 Theft over $500 Linda L. Boden, 73, reported the catalytic converter was stolen off her 2013 Cadillac between 2/6 and 2/20/21 while parked at her residence.