Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:59 p.m. Sept. 13, 5:08 a.m. Sept. 14, 5:13 p.m. Sept. 14, 5:05 a.m. Sept. 15, 4:58 p.m. Sept. 15, 5:15 a.m. Sept. 16, 5:01 p.m. Sept. 16, 5:12 p.m. Sept. 17, 5:08 a.m. Sept. 18, 5:17 p.m. Sept. 18, 5:21 a.m. Sept. 19, 5:31 p.m. Sept. 19 and 5:17 a.m. Sept. 20.

21-20910 Arrest Leslie H.L. Graham, 39, 705 Madison, for aggravated battery at 1005 Broadway. Lodged.

21-21115 Arrest/Lodged Shane L. Hudson, 49, was arrested for violation of bail bond, secure alert violation and on Adams County warrants for FTA-intimidation, driving while license revoked and operating uninsured vehicle. Lodged.

21-20605 Arrest/OV Heather L. Sparks, 33, was arrested for OV-peace disturbance. NTA.

21-21121 Arrest/Traffic Luke J. Mullikin, 35, was arrested for driving on suspended license. NTA.

21-21079 Arrest/Traffic Steven E. Fielding, 42, was arrested for operating uninsured vehicle. NTA.

21-21194 Arrest Gabriel R. Landis, 48, 1432 Lisa Drive, for FTA-failure to obey yield sign. NTA.

21-21169 Arrest Terry R. Schlueter, 68, Quincy, for illegal pedestrian use of the roadway in the 300 block of Cherry. PTC.

21-21192 Arrest/Lodged Joshua L. Foster, 38, 2022 Maple, for criminal damage to government supported property and obstructing a peace officer. Lodged.

21-21190 Arrest/Lodged Walter W. Roberts, 77, 1228 N. Fourth, for FTA-criminal trespass. Lodged.

21-21233 Arrest Jalen Jackson, 21, was arrested for criminal trespass to residence at 1719 Spring. Lodged.

21-21204 Arrest Kevin T. Soltwell, 49, 5425 Greenbriar, for speeding in a school zone at 33rd and Maine. NTA.

21-21203 Arrest Reshma Azeez, 42, 3630 Harbor Landing, for speeding in a school zone in the 3100 block of Maine. NTA.

21-21142 Arrest/Traffic Giovanni Martino, 20, operation uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

21-21158 Arrest/Traffic Sarah Behrens, 27, speeding. PTC.

21-21264 Arrest Tiffany M. Robinson, 32, 1511 S. Sixth, for FTA-fighting. NTA.

21-21173 Arrest Gary V. Slater, 51, 711 Van Buren, for driving under the influence and operating an uninsured vehicle. Cash bond.

21-20318 Arrest/Lodged Melinda C. Raymond, 32, 1437 N. Seventh, for criminal damage over $500. Lodged.

21-21311 Arrest Luis A. Rios De La Rosa, 27, Los Angeles, Calif., for operating uninsured vehicle at 3120 Broadway. NTA.

21-21328 Warrant Arrest Christian Lawary, 19, 4221 Kimstead Drive, on a warrant for FTA-speeding, operating uninsured vehicle and driving while license suspended and a city warrant for FTA-fireworks. Lodged.

21-21369 Arrest Hannah M. Camp, 20, Palmyra, Mo., for disobeying a stop sign. PTC.

21-21370 Arrest Antoine J. Hoskins, 39, 1905 Chestnut, Hannibal, Mo., for FTA-interfering. NTA.

21-21377 Arrest Bradley W. Voepel, 46, Palmyra, Mo., for driving on revoked license and operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

21-21347 Arrest/Lodged Brianne L. Higgins, 25, Griggsville, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine, DUI and driving while license suspended. Lodged.

21-21376 Arrest/Lodged William J. Owsley, 30, 2370 Chestnut, for FTA-driving while suspended and failure to reduce speed. Lodged.

21-21402 Arrest Andrea N. Austin, 38, 409 Lind, for FTA-shoplifting. Lodged.

21-21478 Arrest Gaye A. Richmiller, 53, 3309 N. 18th, for speeding in a school zone in the 3300 block of Maine. NTA.

21-21464 Arrest Kenneth L. Jensen, 78, Hannibal, Mo., for trespassing at 1400 Harrison. NTA.

21-21466 Arrest Heather M. Osborne, 23, 1130 Jersey, for FTA-shoplifting at South Seventh and Madison. NTA.

21-21462 Arrest Heather M. Kent, 27, 2218 N. 12th, for St. Louis County FTA-dangerous drugs at North 30th and Elm. Lodged.

21-21457 Arrest Mykah L. Hurley, 20, Trenton, Mo., for speeding in a school zone between 33rd and 36th on Maine. NTA.

21-20120 Arrest Ezekio J. Bradford, 21, 931 N. Fifth, for leaving the scene, operating uninsured vehicle and improper lane usage at 1001 N. Fifth. NTA.

21-21456 Arrest/Traffic Taylor Warren, 18, speeding in 1200 Block of North 36th. PTC.

21-21242 Arrest/Traffic Catherine Palmer, 47, improper lane usage. PTC.

21-21466 Arrest Heather M. Osborne, 23, Quincy, for no valid driver's license and operating an uninsured vehicle at South Seventh and Madison. NTA.

21-21246 Arrest Sean G. McCaughey, 20, Quincy, for failure to obey stop sign at North Third and Cedar. PTC.

21-21485 Arrest Dominic J. Hood, 34, Quincy, for FTA-open liquor in a vehicle in the 1000 block of Broadway. NTA.

21-21501 Arrest/Lodged Belinda E. Whitson, 34, Quincy, for possession of meth less than 5 grams at Fifth and Broadway. Lodged.

21-21151 Arrest/Traffic Dennis Scott, 23, for failure to yield right of way at South Eighth and Jersey. PTC.

21-21585 Arrest/Lodged Anthony D. Carroll, 19, Payson, for retail theft under $300, obstructing ID and possession of alcohol by a minor. Carroll also was served warrants for FTA-failure to reduce speed, unlicensed, shoplifting, possession of liquor by a minor and cheating. Lodged.

21-21572 Arrest/Lodged Stephen M. Crowder, 39, Hannibal, Mo., for FTA-possession of meth at Fifth and Maine. Lodged.

21-21609 Arrest/Traffic Jaylin A. Freeman, 21, Coatsburg, for operating an uninsured vehicle at 14th and Broadway. NTA.

21-21596 Arrest/Traffic Bradley A. Dixon, 37, Camp Point, for improper lane usage at Fourth and Maine. PTC.

21-21631 Arrest Rodney Belden, 52, Quincy, for DUI and no insurance in the 2400 block of College Avenue. Lodged.

21-21560 Arrest/Traffic Mathias Obert, 19, Quincy, for speeding at North 23rd and Koch’s Lane. PTC.

21-21547 Arrest/Traffic Philip Clark, 36, Baylis, for speeding and no insurance in 1200 block of North 36th. NTA.

21-21561 Arrest/Traffic Anthony Bruce, 22, LaGrange, Mo., for speeding at Koch’s Lane and Oakbrook Court. PTC.

21-21564 Arrest/Traffic Arthur Awerkamp, 55, speeding at Koch’s Lane and Kings Pointe. PTC.

21-21673 Arrest Justice R. Broemmer, 25, Quincy, for driving while license revoked at North Sixth and Lind. NTA.

21-21675 Arrest/Lodged Aaron D. Agnew, 40, Quincy, for resisting a peace officer, no valid driver's license, operating uninsured vehicle, disregarding a stop sign, no valid registration, improper use of registration and reckless driving. Lodged.

21-21676 Arrest/Lodged Melissa R. Longcor, 49, Quincy, for FTA-retail theft and FTA-operating an uninsured vehicle in the 1700 block of Stull Street. Lodged.

21-21680 Arrest/Lodged Harvey L. Robinson, 35, Quincy, for violation of bail bond in the 500 block of South Eighth. Lodged.

21-21660 Arrest/Traffic Michael K. Malone, 56, Palmyra, Mo., for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 27th and Broadway. PTC.