QUINCY — A report that two people barricaded themselves inside a building on Friday in the 900 block of State led to law officers searching it for several hours.

The Quincy Police Department first responded at 10:23 a.m. to 910 State on a report of an open door of the building, which is used for storage. Forced entry was discovered by the property owner.

A perimeter was established by police and the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, and during a search of the property, two people were discovered hiding on the roof.

Anthony M. Raines, 40, and Taylor J. Freeman, 35, were arrested on burglary charges.

Quincy Police Deputy Chief of Operations Shannon Pilkington said one of the arrested said there were other people in the building, with one possibly armed.

The building was searched by the Quincy Police Department’s Emergency Response Team and the Adams County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Response Team.

No one was found in the building during the search, which included using specialized cameras to check areas inaccessible by police.

Officers remained on the scene until 4 p.m.

State Street between Ninth and 10th streets was blocked off during the search.

Both Raines and Freeman were taken to the Adams County Jail.

Original Report

QUINCY — Two people have reportedly barricaded themselves inside a building in the 900 block of State.

The Quincy Police Department responded on a report of a burglary around 10:30 a.m. Friday.

Upon arrival, a man and a woman were found hiding on the building’s roof. Both were arrested.

Deputy Chief Shannon Pilkington said two people barricaded themselves in the building and one is possibly armed.

Pilkington said the building is secured by law enforcement, and the department’s Emergency Response Team has been called to the scene.

The Adam’s County Sheriff’s Department also is on scene.

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