Thousands treated for fireworks injuries each year

Federal, state and local laws and ordinances restrict -- and often prohibit -- the use of fireworks. Despite these limitations, hospitals treat thousands of firework-related injuries every year.


Vacant lot on Broadway would make great park, but strip mall is not needed

I have heard that there are plans to put another strip mall in the empty lot on 14th and Broadway that Blessing owns. I think that Quincy has enough strip malls already.


Thanks to anonymous person who paid for meals

I was at Gem City Pizzeria with my granddaughter's family and a family friend in May. When we went to pay, the bill had already been paid by someone who wanted to remain anonymous.


Lawmakers have tackled Illinois deteriorating infrastructure

Over the last several years, legislators, municipalities, industry, motorists and consumers have expressed concern over Illinois' deteriorating transportation system.


Elder abuse an affront to human rights

To The Herald-Whig: No one likes to talk about it, but it happens every day. However, this crisis remains vastly under-identified and under-reported.


Truckers appreciate passage of infrastructure bill

To The Herald-Whig: A whirlwind end to a historic legislative session has resulted in two important pieces of good news for Illinois trucking companies: a new capital bill to fix our infrastructure, and the end of a misguided truck fee.


Judges think only certain babies demand protection

To The Herald-Whig: What is wrong with this scenario?


Wisconsin GOP lawmakers never consider rape victims

Jayme Closs, the 13-year-old Wisconsin girl whose parents were brutally murdered, who was kidnapped and kept for 88 days before she could escape, has one thing for which she can be thankful: She wasn't impregnated during her ordeal.


Thanks for celebrating with us

Thank you to all those who helped us celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with cards, phone calls or gifts.


Thanks for 50th anniversary open house

Thank you for a special 50th anniversary.

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