Hardly any societies are totally capitalist or socialist

Don Blickhan's letter (Aug. 8) contains a number of statements that I challenge. He says that socialism is immoral because it takes money from one group and gives it to others, which he says is theft. All taxation is theft.


Trump may be most disruptive president in American history

Bernie Sanders said recently that Donald Trump was a phony, a chronic liar and a racist. I've long believed this myself, but I would have added that Trump also may be the most disruptive president in American history.


Thanks to all for 65th anniversary celebration

We especially want to thank our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for all of the work they did for our 65th wedding anniversary celebration.


Thanks for celebrating 60th anniversary

To our awesome family and friends, thank you so much for making our 60th wedding anniversary so special.


Blickhan did great job as Community Foundation CEO

Congratulations and thank you to Jill Arnold Blickhan as she steps down as president and CEO of the Community Foundation Serving West Central Illinois and Northeast Missouri.


Thanks for 65th anniversary celebration

We especially want to thank our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren for all the hard work you did for our 65th wedding anniversary celebration.


Socialism is popular today because it's seductive illusion

Socialism is based on the illusion of a utopia, an imaginary state of things or place where everything is perfect. There is not, nor has there ever been a perfect place. But socialists nevertheless passionately pursue that goal.


Media need to do better on explaining climate crisis

Is this newspaper, the one you are reading now, being irresponsible? How about the TV stations you watch? Are the U.S. media covering the possible "collapse of our civilization and the extinction of much of the natural world?"


Thanks for celebrating 65th anniversary

From both of us, William "Bill" and Janet, we share our sincere appreciation for the well wishes extended to us as we celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary.


Breaking pot law in past acceptable now

The expungement of criminal records of some estimated 800,000 convicted lawbreakers in Illinois makes this part of the new law a first among the now 11 states where recreational marijuana is legal, come Jan. 1.

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