Thanks for making 50th anniversary memorable

Thank you so very much to all the friends and family who shared their time with us at our 50th wedding anniversary celebration.


Quincy residents should turn out to support the arts

Friday night's Quincy Civic Music Association's concert at the historic Morrison Theatre was nothing less than extraordinary. Chicago's Bella Voce and Bella Voce Sinfonia performed Handel's "Messiah" beautifully.


Consider strategies to avoid injury when driving among deer

Deer are common along Illinois roads this time of year. Drivers should be alert and know how to respond when deer are nearby.


People, businesses fleeing Illinois because of high taxes

At some point I missed when The Herald-Whig editorial board became filled with progressives. The answer to every problem is to raise taxes. People are fleeing Illinois for that reason.


Many Americans unwittingly supporting Mexican crime

The horror of the massacre in Mexico has momentarily siphoned some media coverage away from impeachment and other things political.


Thanks to car-repair business owner, employee

On Oct. 31, I took my car to Albertson Auto Body on Ninth Street between Maine and Jersey, to get a piece that had come loose under my car reattached.


Many people seek animals to purposely abuse them

I am writing regarding ads for free pets seen in The Herald-Whig, bulletin boards, etc. While the people offering free pets most always have the best intentions, such animals often meet gruesome fates.


Middle class would ultimately pay for politicians' 'free stuff'

The Democratic presidential candidates continue to raise the bar on who can give away the most "free stuff."


Vote for candidates who will treat everyone fairly

We are free to believe what we want to believe, but we should carry an obligation to the process of determining objective fact. Often, math and science help with that process.


Station 6 firefighters have made lifesaving calls

Dear City of Quincy Alderman and Administration: Please don't close Firehouse Number 6 at 24th and Cedar again.

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