About Us

About Us

The Herald-Whig traces its roots to The Illinois Bounty Land Register, which published its first edition on April 17, 1835, 17 years after Illinois achieved statehood. At the time, there were only three other newspapers in the state, publishing in Jacksonville, Springfield and Galena.

The Illinois Bounty Land Register became The Herald in 1841, which began publishing as a daily in 1850. The Herald changed hands no less than four times before being purchased in 1891 by Edmund M. Botsford, Hedley H. Eaton and Charles L. Miller, experienced newspapermen from Rockford.

The Quincy Herald and The Whig-Journal competed for six years, each publishing evening city, morning rural, and Sunday editions. In 1926, the two merged, forming The Quincy Herald-Whig.

The Herald-Whig is now published in a three-story building stretching for a half-block in the heart of downtown Quincy.



The Herald-Whig will use every means available to collect and distribute news, information and advertising through print, online and other publication means, with the highest regard for integrity, quality and customer service.



We are committed to journalistic excellence, informing readers in all the communities we serve about critical issues, offering solutions when problems are identified, advancing ideas on our opinion pages that we believe will help our communities improve and prosper, and providing a lively forum for a variety of viewpoints.

The Herald-Whig and its employees have and will assume leadership roles in the community through involvement with and active support of organizations, institutions and causes that provide for the betterment of the region and improve the quality of life of its residents. Our objective is to be a leader and cornerstone of the community now and for future generations to come.

We believe fairness, accuracy, reliability, leadership and profitability are the foundation of The Herald-Whig's editorial and financial independence.

The Herald-Whig is concerned about both customers and employees. We will provide the best service possible to all our customers. We will promote employee teamwork and encourage each person to reach his or her full potential as a member of our team.