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Posted: Oct. 10, 2011 12:12 pm Updated: Nov. 29, 2014 12:20 am

Why did you launch a new website and what's changed?

We're really excited about the new because this site gives us the opportunity to serve you better. Serving you better means lots of things, including providing far more local content than we've ever published online before. It means offering a brand new online classified ad service that includes the ability for you to search and publish ads across the internet, in addition to It also means providing an enhanced E-Edition PDF version of our printed newspaper, plus a host of other new services including email and text alerts and Club Whig, where you can get some really great deals delivered to your cell phone. A significant amount of this great content is available to everyone but some parts of our website are an exclusive benefit of subscribing.

Tell me more about the benefits of subscribing and how the site works.

Glad to. When you come to the, you can start clicking away on stories that interest you. When you've read ten local stories in a given 30 day period, you'll be asked to create a member account and to choose one of our subscription offers. Our hope and expectation is that you will see the value of getting unlimited access to our online content, which you can bundle with receiving our printed newspaper if you like. Being a member also allows you to comment on our stories and to sign up for our email news services.

When you buy a day pass or a subscription, you will use your member account password and your email address to log into the site. At that point, you'll be able to read as many stories as you like, without interruption. You'll also be able to comment, see our E-Edition, Special Sections E-Editions and Historical Archives.

If you want to get a subscription without waiting for your 10th free local story, you can do that too. Click on the "subscribe" link here or on the masthead at the top of the page and fill in the information. You can then use the password and email address you registered to log in to the through the member center and get immediate access to everything.

I get the Quincy Herald-Whig delivered to my home. What do I get online?

The short answer is "everything!" Your subscription to our printed newspaper gets you an all-access pass to our content on the, including the E-Edition and access to our historical archives.

I am a home delivery customer. How do I activate my free, unlimited digital access?

The process is pretty simple.

Step 1: Create a free member account by clicking on the member center link at the top of the home page. You'll use this login and password information when you've completed the activation process.

Step 2: When the member account confirmation page appears, you'll click through to a page where you can verify your account and see our subscription opens. Choose to verify your existing account and complete the process.

Step 3: When that's done, use the member account login and password information you created in step 1 to log into the site. At this point, you'll have access to everything on

Can I subscribe to a digital edition of the Quincy Herald-Whig only?

Yes. We offer a digital only subscription to as well as a day pass. The day pass gives you unlimited access to the content on for a 24 hour period. Click here, or on the "Subscribe" link at the top of the page to get it. If you already have a free member account, use your member account email address and password. Access is immediate.

What if I don't want to subscribe - can I still read the for free?

Yes, to a point. Visitors and members who do not subscribe can enjoy 10 free local stories in a 30 day period on, as well as unrestricted access to classifieds, obituaries, blogs, news from the Associated Press, weather and certain other areas. We're doing this as a way to encourage you to subscribe, because subscriptions generate some of the money required to hire great journalists and to continue to deliver the high-quality content you expect from us.

What happens when I leave the site, log out, or try to access the site from another computer?

That's easy. If you see the create account/log in link at the top of the home page, you're not logged in and you'll need to log in again. If you're already logged in, that link will change to show your name. You can use your user credentials on more than one computer.

I've signed up for email newsletters. Will that be affected by a digital subscription?

Yes. The Whig offers an AM Edition newsletter, which will include links to our top headlines from that day's edition before the print product is delivered. There is also a Breaking News email newsletter, that will be sent out as a bulletin to alert you when significant news occurs, such as a major trial verdict, large fire or plane crash. Followup coverage will then be posted on When clicking through the links on the email newsletter, they will take you back to the relevant story on You will not have to sign in  to read the stories if you are logged into the site as a subscriber. If you are not logged in or are not a subscriber, you will get 10 metered clicks before being asked to register and subscribe.

I want to share a story on with my facebook friends. How do I do that?

Look for the facebook icon at the top of the story page. Click on it and follow the prompts. You'll have an oppportunity to post a status update with the link to the story on

Do I need to have a subscription to comment on stories or subscribe to our email newsletters?  

No. However, you do need to create a free member center account and log in. When logged in, you'll notice that the member center link at the top of the page changes to "manage my account." You can make various choices about your account from that link.

When I go on vacation, can I put my digital subscription on hold?

When you put your print subscription on a vacation hold, your online access to subscriber-exclusive content will also be put on hold unless you contact the circulation department by phone. Call 217-223-5100 or 1-800-619-8080. When your subscription stops, you can still log into the member center to comment on stories and access other basic information.

Can I give someone a digital subscription as a gift?

You can't do that online yet. However, it's a great idea and we can help you by phone. Call our circulation department at 217-223-5100 and we'll help you.

Do you offer free trial subscriptions?

We may announce special offers, including free trials, from time to time. However, by creating a free membership, you can read up to 10 local stories within a 30 day period and get unrestricted access to classifieds, blogs, weather, the mobile site and certain other content. Your free, limited access resets every month.

I hear you're launching a new mobile website as part of this launch. Tell me more about that.

We're excited about our new offerings on the mobile site. Initially, our mobile site will be free and open to everyone. The news, weather and sports content we post to will be very current. It will not be as deep as the content you will find on our new website.

I need to put a vacation stop on my home-delivered newspaper. How do I do that?
You can do that by clicking the "Manage my print subscription" link at the top of the page or by clicking here. This link takes you to the same subscription management system we've used on our old website. If you've used it before, your old user credentials will still work. Or you can call circulation at 217-223-5100 or 1-800-619-8080.
Where can I send you my feedback on digital subscriptions?

We really do want to know what you like - and perhaps don't like - about the new We also want to make sure that we help you to resolve any technical issues as quickly as possible.

To send suggestions or comments, please use our feedback form.

How do I get help with your website?

If you're experiencing problems with your digital subscription, please call us at Call (217) 223-5100 or 1-800-619-8080. 

If you need help with our website, call (217) 223-5100.