Voters say yes to annexation of Revere School District

Posted: Apr. 4, 2012 7:13 am Updated: Apr. 25, 2012 8:15 am

Clark County voters approved the annexation of the Revere C-3 School District, with its one small elementary school, into the Clark County R-1 School District this summer. The measure passed 179 to 43.

A 1/2-percent county sales tax for road improvements was approved 756-226.

Tim Severin and Patricia A. Golliher were elected alderman at-large from a field that also included Joni Gorman and Sally Fox. Severin received 47 votes, Golliher 37, Gorman 23 and Fox 22.

Ronald Gates defeated Robert Davis in the Alexandria mayoral election, 42 votes to 34.

The village of Luray elected three trustees -- Robert J. Smith, Rodney L. Nichols Sr. and Vernon G. Hopp -- from a field of five candidates. Smith received 20 votes, Nichols 18. Hopp 16, Gary Brown five and Steven M. Buium three.

Voters elected William D. Schutte and Jason Acklie to the Clark County R-1 Board of Education. Schutte received 486 votes, Acklie 480 and Penny Boulware 280.

Mike Frazier defeated Mark S. Boley, 65 votes to 32, for the available seat on the Clark County Nursing Home District Board.

Steve Howell defeated Jerry Redding for a seat on the Clark County Ambulance District No. 1 Board, 205 votes to 86.


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